Midi Interface I/O Board
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This small printed circuit board provides the connectivity for MIDI to your synth project. It has been designed to give simple and robust mechanical fixing with a very small footprint. The board incorporates surface mount technology and operates at 5V. The circuit includes the line drivers and the opto couplers and has two LED's to indicate MIDI activity.

1  Ground
2  +5V Supply
3  Not used
4  Ground
5  MIDI Out (input signal to this board from controller)
6  MIDI In (output signal fromthis board to controller) 
7  Ground
8  Location bump

Midi: IN, OUT and selected THRU or OUT2
Connectors: 3 x 5pin DIN, 1 x 8pin SATA
Size: 32mm x 80mm
Fixing: 2x Self tapping screws
Supply: +5V

This board may be used for any project and is not limited to use on the keyparts projects. The connection to the board is via a SATA data cable, these are very low cost and give a very professional finish to the installation. SATA cables and connectors will be available in our shop.