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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 20:31

Samples of the first of our floppy drive replacements will be arriving soon. This brilliant device replaces the floppy drive on your keyboard and lets you use a USB memory stick to store and transfer your program and sample files. There is no need to change the software and there is no need to have the SCSI extensions in your synth. Plug onto the floppy drive data and power cables and you're ready to save and transfer to your PC or MAC for safe storage.

For those blessed with a SCSI interface we are currently prototyping two SD Flash storage devices, that plugs straight onto the SCSI bus in your synth, replacing those delicate and ageing hard disks.

Module one fits internally and optionally supports a 3.5" drive memory card drive bay. for easy additional drives with front panel access.

Module two fits to the SCSI extension socket on the rear of your synth will be recognised as a numbered SCSI drive on your synth. Additionally this module provides a USB connection appearing as a removable drive on your PC or MAC for simple file transfer.

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