Siel Rom Board
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I currently own an Siel Opera 6 and a Siel Expander, these boxes were great in their day but the midi implementation was poor, the hardware was tired and the NiCad batteries were leaking. Once I cleaned and tidied up the hardware and fitted a new battery it didn't look too bad. The key contacts left a lot to be desired, but every thing seemed to be working.

The labels on the EPROM's had fallen off and erasure was a possibility, as was memory loss with a device this old. I tried to source replacement parts and found new 4K EPROM's (2532) didn't exist. Some used parts were available but you may be asking the same questions when you get them installed.

At this point I decided that a re-write of the firmware may be in order, but to help get my old DatamanS3 EPROM programmer into the circuit across both ROMs I decided to build a board that would take a current generation ROM devices and give some security to the system firmware.

The birth of the first Keyparts project, simple and low volume sales but if it helps me then it may help others. The design would plug into the existing sockets of the Expander, the Opera6 and the DK600 (it may fit others) and it uses easy to source 27 series devices. This then opened up the possibility of re-writing the firmware, improving the midi implimentation allowing some "old skool" gear to work well with a hi tech midi setup, this firmware update will be covered in another project.

Siel ROM Board Specification:

Fits into the space occupied by the two 2532 EPROM's
Uses easily available 27series EPROM and FLASH devices
Hold more than one firmware image to allow original and updated firmware to be resident
Simple to build but with surface mount devices
Simple to install (no cutting of the original hardware)


Just for reference here are a couple of files for the Opera 6, bulk dump and factory audio.


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